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F-15 Weapon System
The F-15 EAGLE originated more than 30 years ago in 1964 when Dr. Harold Brown authorized development of thc F-X. The contemplated fighter would possess superior air-to-air, all weather, and aided visual ground attack capabilities. It would be a single seat, twin engine aircraft, stressing maneuverability over speed. Conceptual design work began in early 1965 under the Deputy for Studies and Analysis, Wright-Patterson A.FB, Ohio.
The F-15 System Program Office (SPO) formerly located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio and current1y located at Robins AFB, Georgia manages the F-15 Weapon System for the USAF.  The F-15 EAGLE is an advanced tactical fighter which was developed and procured originally for the air superiority mission. It replaced the F-4 PHANTOM as the USAF's primary air superiority aircraft. It is a twin engine, fixed swept wing aircraft. characterized by high thrust-to-weight ratio and low wing loading for maximum maneuverability, acceleration and agility. Since the program first started, five models have been fielded as mission design series changes became necessary. The F-15 EAGLE also has joined the inventories of the following Allied Nations' Air Forces: Japan. Israel, Saudi Arabia.

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