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It is truly the beginning of a new millinium and I hope this newsletter finds you well and happy in every way.  The F-15 reunion committee is already beginning to plan for the next Gathering of Eagles.  We want to reach out to each of you to keep the Eagle Network fully open, with maximum bandwidth.  We would like to hear about what is happening in your life, add more Eagles to our database, update the information in the database as needed and determine your attendance at the next reunion.  It will be a great one, as the Eagle continues to be the best fighter in the world, and the war stories just get better.

We had over 300 attendees in 1997 and would like to have even more in 2002.  Dayton is again the site and they will be working hard to get ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first flight of an airplane by the Wright Brothers in 2003.  The Air Force Museum continues to grow and improve, with plans for further building and expansion.  We already have reserved the golf course for Friday, 26 July, 2002, and the museum for Saturday, 27 July 2002.

Dave Teal - Head Stuckee/Program Eagle
Lloyd Wenzel - Global Eagle Wizard
John Buck - Stuckee Emeritus
Dan McGrath - Stuckee Twice Removed, Hospitality Eagle
Carrol Buford - Stuckee 3 Times Removed
Colonel Postulka - SPO Eagle
Bob Gobble - Hotel/Brunch Eagle
Fred & Peggy Rall - Fly Wright Eagles
Tom Bahan - Las Vegas Eagle
Peet Odgers - Dayton/Communications/Daddy Warbucks/Banquet Eagle
Jim DeStout - Balmy Open Eagle
To be Named - Boeing Eagle
To be Named - Pratt and Whitney Eagle
To be Named - General Electric Eagle
To be Named - Hughes Eagle

Please fill out the attached and e-mail it to  This is just an early survey, with more details to follow.  Even if you think you might not attend the reunion, please update your information for the database and send it back to us.  Ask the Eagle to your left and right if they received this announcement.  If not, please share it with them and ask them to respond.  Hope to see you in Dayton

Wishing all Eagles Worldwide the Best

David Teal
Chairman, 2002 Gathering of Eagles

(The "attached" appears on the GOE reunion page)

Please share this with other Eagles that did not get this form.

See you in 2002, if not before.