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It seems appropriate on the first day of Fall, 2001, to reach out to all F-15ers with the latest news on the 2002 reunion. As I sit here, about five miles from Washington Reagan National Airport, closed for the foreseeable future, I can hear the F-15s flying combat air patrol above our heads, day and night. We may see the Eagle Jet in more offensive missions here very soon. When we flew the first F-15 on 27 July 1972, we knew we had a great jet, but could not imagine how important it would be, in Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo and for our allies around the world. Many of us have seen pictures of an Israeli F-15, with one wing ripped off, successfully recovered, repaired and returned to duty. As the 30th anniversary of its first flight approaches, we realize that it will be our first line air superiority and air to ground machine for many years to come. The unimaginable events that occurred on 11 September 2001 have shocked us into the realization that, while the Cold War is over, the world is still a dangerous place and the F-15 is as important now and in the future that it has been to date.

We are indeed a fortunate group, brought together to bring the F-15 to the warfighters and make it better as time goes by. In addition, we have forged a bond among ourselves that has lasted this long and continues to grow, as more F-15ers join the group each year. We feel good enough about what we have done and continue to do that we get together every five years to celebrate the first flight of the F-15. Very few other groups enjoy this special relationship and feeling for each other.

So let's have a great 30th F-15 reunion 25 - 28 July 2002 in Dayton, Ohio. For those of you who have responded to the preregistration form, you will notice that you can forward the web site to others by clicking on the "Email this page to a friend" at the top of the page. There is a list of attendees on the GOE Reunion page. Think of five people you know who have not signed up yet and email the web site to them. We have almost 80 people who plan to come in 2002 and there are many more who want to come.

                                          See you in Dayton in July, 2002

                                          Dave Teal
                                          Chairman, 2002 Gathering of Eagles